The Journey Begins…

elephants on brown mountain
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on

I am happy that I now have a place that I can share thoughts about anything and everything. From politics to daily life routines that everyone experiences and find quirky and funny. My time is limited, but I do plan to have articles published here as regularly as I can complete them. One thing that I can say about myself is, “I know what I don’t know” which is a lot. In no way do I claim to have any answers, merely suggestion and opinion on topics I choose to write about, or experiences in life that I have dealt with. It is okay if you do not agree with anything I publish here, no offense will be taken as long as criticism is constructive in nature. I understand that the social environment I have grown up in is very different when compared to others around the world. An open mind will be kept, and I am never set in my thinking as to proclaim total correctness on any topic I write about. With that said, I thank you for taking time out of your day to visit and read any articles I publish, and I am happy to receive feedback on them. To me, learning is a glorious life-long experience.

Join me as I start my journey into uncovering the many elephants that are in the room. I feel they need to be pointed out and recognized so that we may move forward in life, and in the world.